Training with Hip Issue? Torn Labrum Plus More

Anyone have advice for training while having a torn labrum? I supposedly also have thinning cartilage and osteoarthritis according to the MRI. My hip doesn’t hurt while training legs, it’s a few hours later when it begins to throb. Getting a PRP injection in a week. Hopefully it will help.

Your hip joint is supposed to have good motion, so it go go in all directions and internally and externally rotate.

If your hip is not moving properly, and you exercise or lift with big moves through big ROMs you get problems. Like grinding, arthritis and cartilage problems.

You could try to get your hips moving smooth with little, boring exercises like clam shells and lying leg adductions.

And if you’re good to lift you could try some single leg moves. That way your bad hip won’t have to move improperly, causing damage, to keep up with the other side like in a regular squat/dead.