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Training with Higher Frequency


okay so about 4 or 5 months back i starting working out with a higher frequency for chest back and arms hitting them twice a week and just hitting shoulders and legs once a week

i got great results, my arms have grown about .5 - .75 of an inch and my bench went from 3x10 with 215lbs to 3x10 with 245lbs

the program looked like this
monday - chest/back/arms
tuesday - off
wednesday - shoulders
thursday - off
friday - chest/back/arms
saturday - legs
sunday - off
monday - repeat

for the body parts i worked out multiple times a week i would do about 6 sets each workout for chest and back and 3 sets for biceps and triceps some times a little bit more, but no more than 16 sets weekly volume

i want to try this with every body part so what do you guys think of this

monday - chest/tricep

flat bench (3 sets)
incline bench (3 sets)
skull crushers (3 sets)
cable tricep extentions with the rope (3 sets)

tuesday - legs/ shoulders (i have huge thighs so i dont worry about using a lot of volume for legs)(i dont do miltary/overhead press because it hurts my shoulder a lot)

Squat (5 sets)
lateral dumbell raise(3 sets)
bent over lateral dumbell raise (3 sets)
front delt raise (3 sets)
Shrugs (3 sets)
machine lateral raise (3 sets)
shrugs (3 sets)

wednesday - back/biceps

weighted wide grip pullups (3 sets)
narrow grip row (3 sets)
straight barbell curls (3 sets)
dumbell concentration curls (3 sets)

Thursday - off

Friday - chest/ triceps

incline bench press (3 sets)
weighted dips (3 sets)
over head tricep extention (3 sets)
tricep pushdowns with the v bar (3 sets)

Saturday - legs/shoulders

deadlift (5 sets)
shoulders are the same as before

Sunday - Back/ biceps

Lat pulldown (3 sets)
reverse narrow grip rows (palms facing up) (3 sets)
preacher curls
dumbell curls(strict form palms facing up like a barbell curl)

Monday - OFF

Tuesday - repeat everything

im in the army and every day is like the same to me, i realize that with this workout no specific day of the week will be the same workout from week to week

does anybody think this workout is bad or does anybody like it?


Just started doing something similiar as far as frequency, and am really liking it so far (3.5 weeks in).

I'm doing:
Mon- Back (thickness/horizontal pulls) and Biceps
Tues-Chest (heavy pressing) and Triceps (ext focus)
Wed-Quads and Delts
Thurs- Back (width/vertical pulls) and Biceps
Fri- Chest (incline focus) and Triceps (heavy pressing)
Sat-Hamstrings and Traps

The hardest days by far are wednesday and saturday.


Also doing a similar thing and it seems to be working well. I basically do a 6 day split like above with 1 day for cardio and another OFF day so 8 total. So if I bench on Monday, the next week it will be Tuesday. I think at the bottom of page 1 there is a 6 day push/pull/legs split that you can compare to yours for ideas or small changes.