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Training with High Reps/Less Weight On Cycle?

It may , or may not make zero sense at all
But do you think training in a higher rep range (8-12 for smaller muscle groups and 15+ for larger muscle groups) with slightly lesser weight (80% of what one would actually do) could prove beneficial on cycle with maybe 1.5 times more sets performed!
And after cycle get back to to your usual workout routine which works for you

I have never personally done this, but recently a friend of mine hurt his shoulder on the bench doing 160kilos for 2 reps…
And I do believe gear makes our muscles stronger, not the connective tissue
What’s the fun in getting injured in your 2nd week of a long cycle!!

I have always preferred sticking with a hypertrophic routine while on cycle, and switching to a 5x5 or similar program during pct. Everyone is different, but this has helped me keep the most gains from my cycles.

I’ve always enjoyed higher reps. I don’t grow with the 4-6 reps the weight is so heavy my form falls apart. I am not sure there is one answer. Some grow with reps other with weight.
One thing I do when cycling is one muscle group per day. When not cycling I’ll do chest and triceps or back and biceps.

When cycling I pict 4-6 exersizes depending on the muscle and do 6 sets of 12 reps. Selecting a weight where I can’t make 12 reps on the last set. I will also wait a full 2-3 minutes to recover between sets because I want to be my strongest for each set.

Obviously some muscles will get worked more than one day. Lets face it any upper body exersizes requires your arms.

To me the bottomline is when I leave the gym I have nothing more to give and then that muscle group gets a full week to recover and grow.

may ask how long was your friend been doing the previous weight which is 155 kg?

i am currently able to do 120 KG 1 rep and slowly trying to increase

my current regular workout is 85 kg 12 rep 3 sets

last time i was able to do 12 / 12 / 9 reps

by the way i didn’t change my working route on cycle

still 3 sets and each set is 12 reps

my aim is keeping the weights after cycle thus keeping the strength and endurance

He is pretty strong at 6feet 4 and probably 130kilos
But got carried away on cycle, I’m sure he could have handled the weight, and might have just been a bad rep!
But 2 reps are not good for hypertrophy anyway!!

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So he jumped from 130 to 160 without getting used mid range kilos which are 135 140 145 150 155

Yes I know 1 2 rep are just to see your max limits

His own weight is 130**

ah i see

so my question was, how much he were benching before increasing to 160 kilos

140ish off cycle
But my point is not how much he benched or could bench
I said that gear makes our muscles stronger giving us the means to lift heavy, increasing chances of injury to bones, tendons and ligaments… And we don’t “need” to lift heavy while on gear!
So hypertrophy at more volume with 80 percent of usual weight