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Training With Fractured Ribs?

I’m in desperate need of advice/recommendations regarding training with fractured ribs, I’ve busted a gut all off-season to be in top shape for my first game, low-and-behold, first contact session I get smacked in the ribs!!!

Any advice on speeding up recovery, or maintaining strength/size other than AASs.

I was thinking, recumbant stationary cycling on a high-gear, single leg squats/pistols, unilateral pull-downs or rows, hise shrugs, unilateral swiss ball DB press…any more suggestions. All (helpful) comments welcome.


Do what you can without pain. Don’t wear a belt, that may make it worse.


I’ve trained with broken ribs and it was a big mistake I really hurt them badly doing that. From my experience, avoid benching, chins, pullups like the plague. As said above, do what you can without pain but lean on the side of caution at least until the bone knits otherwise you could make it much worse.

Good luck.