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Training with Foot in a Cast?

I’ve fractured a bone in my foot while training in Muay Thai, and have now found myself in a cast upto just below the knee :frowning:

Going to be like this for at least 3 weeks and need advice for not piling on the pounds, i’m overweight as it is and don’t won’t to gain weight.

I’m planning on still going the gym to do weights on my upper body and obviously press ups and sit ups. Just wondered if anyone has any advice or tips for me.

My first day on crutches today was horrendous and they are a lot harder than they look, would the gym stop me from training while in a cast??

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Just don’t eat as many calories and don’t consume any carbs after 4 pm.



And your gym should not stop you using the gym on crutches as long as you dont attempt to squat or anything you should be fine.

But as BBB said above limit your calories for 3 weeks to account for your more sedentary lifestyle over the next 3 weeks and you will be fine.

I broke/fractured my tibial plateau 14 months ago and was on crutches for 12 weeks and i still trained upper body 3 x per week so it’s definately do able if you want it.