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Training With Ed Coan


Per request of other members on this site and through the suggestions in the appropriately named thread in "Powerlifting", I will be starting a new training log. However, this one will entail the details of my training with Ed Coan.

Here's a bit about myself

Age - 17 years old
Height - 5'7"
Body weight - 185 lbs
Body fat % - Between 12-14%
Bench - 275 lbs
Squat - 385 lbs
Deadlift - 425 lbs

Here are the details from my first squat workout with Ed.

Saturday, January 28, 2012 - Squat Day

Warm up

1) 5 minutes stationary bike
2) Lots of stretching

1) Back Squats

Sets 1-3 - 45x5
Set 4 - 95x3
Set 5 - 115x3
Set 6 - 135x3
Set 7 - 185x3
Set 8 - 225x3
Set 9 - 255x3
Set 10 - 285x2
Set 11 - 315x2
Set 12 - 335x2
Set 13 - 365x0

Failed on 365. Got to the bottom of the lift, and lost tightness, so I ended up dumping it. Thankfully I was in a rack. Ed told me that I don't know how to stay tight, properly. So, I guess it will be an adventure. We fixed a few things with my form, such as:

Brought my stance in about 6"
Pointed my feet out wider
Sat back more

The way he told me to squat, there was a lot more total-body involvement in the lift. Really felt it in my quads, hamstrings, and glutes. My stance was too wide, so it caused my hips to lock up too high, making my squats about 2-3" high.

2) Hack Squats

Set 1 - 135x8
Set 2 - 185x8
Set 3 - 225x8

3) Leg Extensions Superset with Lying Leg Curls

Leg Extensions - 3x12 - 100 lbs
Leg Curls - 3x12 - 70lbs

4) Decline Sit ups


Notes: It was simple, yet effective. Ed threw in some tidbits of knowledge here and there which made my lifting a lot less confusing and hopefully, a lot more potent. For the first time ever, my upper back is sore after squatting. Solid. Can't wait to go back tomorrow and see what he has in store for me. This will be an awesome experience.




so your part of the group now?


So in mang




Yes, sir. I'm training with them again tomorrow at 5, and hopefully on Wednesdays. He asked me, "Can you make it on Saturday mornings?", so I'll take that as a "You're a part of our group, now. Don't fuck it up."



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I will be following along aswell, knowing how hard you work I'm sure you'll see unreal progress. Now if only people cared this much about my log haha


Thanks, brother. I'm pretty sure it's the whole "training with Ed Coan" thing that brings all the boys to the yard.



In 4 da new training log name lol.


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Shoulda named mine training with Louie Simmons or something haha




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Such a great opportunity for you man. Will definitely be following.


you lucky mofo thats all ive got to say.


I don't think everything has really set in yet. It will once I start breaking PRs.



IN FTMFW man, looking forward to stealing all the knowledge bombs you're going to share....




Monday, January 30, 2012 - Bench Day

Warm up

1) 5 minutes on elliptical
2) Shoulder circles with 5 lb plate
3) Rotator cuff work
4) Light triceps pushdowns

1) Flat Bench

Sets 1-3 - 45x15
Set 4 - 95x3
Set 5 - 135x3
Set 6 - 155x3
Set 7 - 175x3
Set 8 - 195x3
Set 9 - 225x1
Set 10 - 245x1 - Smoke show
Set 11 - 265x1 - grinder
Set 12 - 275x1 - barely squeaked it out.

Notes: Ed told me that I lose upper back tightness at the bottom of the bench. My shoulders come forward and my back flattens, causing me to lose it at the chest. He said that it's a form issue, not a strength issue.

2) Incline Bench


3) Bodyweight Dips

Set 1 - 15
Set 2 - 12
Set 3 - 10

4) Hammer Strength Incline Machine

Set 1 - 135x12
Set 2 - 185x12
Set 3 - 185x10
Set 4 - 155x10

My pecs were fried after this.

5) Triceps Extensions

Set 1 - 60x10
Set 2 - 65x10
Set 3 - 70x10
Set 4 - 75x10
Set 5 - 80x10
Set 6 - 75x10

6) Lying Dumbbell Extensions


Notes: Ed had us (my training partners and myself) grab some light dumbbells and do triceps extensions one arm at a time. So we would do 10 with one arm, switch, then do 10 with the other arm. We did that until we did 5 sets of 10. I think my triceps were about to explode.


After we did regular bench, Ed asked me what I typically do for assistance work. I told him all the Westside stuff I did. He told me to stop all that and that we need to establish a bigger base of strength before we get into more complicated programming.

He also said that my bench issues were technical, not strength issues. I have a weak upper back and I lose tightness at the bottom, causing my shoulders to come forward and my back to go flat. We'll be working on that.

This man is the Goddamn Devil. I've never felt such an excruciatingly painful pump in my pecs or triceps before.

We lift again on Wednesday, same time. We'll be squatting again. Can't wait.



The other week, after I had been watching some form/technique vids, I really put an emphasis on staying tight during my bench, and holy shit, the day after, the area between the shoulder blades and the spine, sore as fuck.


Out of curiosity, how come no pulling movements (rows/pull-ups etc.)?