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Training With Different Speeds

Ive been training mainly in the 3-6 rep range, and have developed a fairly good amount of strength/power. My problem though, is that when I slow down and do things more “controlled” I fatigue very easily.

Im thinking a lot of this is from lactic acid buildup, and the fact that lifting fast accelerates through weak points. So im thinking of training at all different speeds to become more well rounded.

Here’s what a sample routine of mine might look like:

Front Box squats 5x5
DB Bench 5x5
Pullups 5x5
Reverse Hyperexensions 5x5

Now on all of these movements I would normally lower the weight controlled, and lift as fast as possible. So I usually train about 3-4 days a week, and could make each day a different speed/rep range, or work all in each workout.

An example of all speeds/rep ranges in a workout might be this:

Explosive stepups 2 sets of 5
Clappng pushups 2 sets of 5
1-arm snatch 2 sets of 5

(controlled negative, fast concentric)
Weighted stepups 2 sets of 5
DB Bench 2 sets of 5
Pullups 2 sets of 5

(Slow negative, moderate concentric)
Stepups 2 sets (near failure)
Pushups 2 sets (near failure)
Rows 2 sets (near failure)

What do you guys think. Since Ive been training in the controlled negative, fast concentric style, my goal is to improve strength/power, and increase endurance. I could leave out the middle section completely and focus on explosive stuff, and slow controlled stuff.