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Training with Chronic Fatigue?

   I'll be honest with you. I feel like a little bitch for posting this after a long time absence.

     For those of you who remember me, I'm now an adult. I live on my own, I pay my own bills, and I go to school at UW-Green Bay. Since moving out my diet has improved greatly. I now get to eat a lot more meat, and more veggies. I weigh about 218 with between 15-20%bodyfatat 5'8". This isnt about that though.

 Two years ago I came down with Mono. I went from 200+ down to under 150 because immediately after mono I had a surgery. Unfortunately I still have the virus in my blood, but the nurse practitioner doesnt think that is causing my problem. I occasionally get spleen pain but she could not feel any swelling. I'll be getting an ultrasound of the area sooner than later.

Normally I jump out of bed and proceed to kick ass all day, working a fairly phyiscal job 25-40 hours a week, and lifting 3-4 times a week, and school. however for the past month and a half I'm so groggy when I wake up that I need to hold myself up to prevent myself from falling over for the first 10-15 minutes upon waking.

I'm tired and dizzy all day, and no matter how much I sleep I always have large black bags under my eyes. This has affected my lifting andmy job performance. Those two things are my absolute priorities.

 Has anyone else delt with chronic fatigue, and what did you do to keep yourself going?

I've never been able to squat 405, and I want to work on a lot of glaring weakpoints/shitty upper body joints in the upcoming couple of months. I would also like to get my bodyfat down but I wont compromise other goals to do that. I've been eating about two pounds of various meats, plus eggs, and dairy, with a 100g of protein shake every night before bed. I try to eat a salad, and some potatoes everyday as well.

Any information, or advice would be appreciative.


Dude i was wondering where you went! How are the lifts coming otherwise?

I dont have any experience with chronic fatigue but i have experienced feeling like no sleep is enough sleep, and that the quality is terrible and thus never not feeling tired during the day. For me periods of terrible sleep coencide with my depression/stress levels, when i fix those, sleep goes right back to where it should be. Good luck my man.


I'm sorry to hear this.

Have you had all of your blood tests (testosterone/LH/E2 etc) done and thyroid checked? If no, get them done then post the results in the HRT forum or steroid forum, post the exact results, not just 'in range' or 'high' or 'low'. If you have this information post it and hopefully KSman and BBB will have a look (amongst others) and be able to offer some sound advice.

I've always had sleeping difficulties and I know how shitty it is.

I hope you get well soon, good luck.


I've got thyroid results coming tomorrow. I totally forgot to ask about testosterone, but all of my other bloodwork came up with no problems according to the nurse. Next time I'm in my hometown I'll be getting more done, and will post it.


I've actually been like stress free. It's now just stress related to having to drag my sorry ass through every effort I have to make.


Bench 275x2, 245x6
legit ass to grass squat 315x5 (no wraps or belt) (was hoping for better, but I had an extremely rough night last night, personal issues.

I dont pull anymore, but after I buy some straps I will start again, I pulled 495 last week but grip failed at lockout. I've deadlifted like 3 times in the past almost two years.

I'm mostly looking to improve my squat and bench while working on back width, arm, and shoulder size. I'd like to lose some chub too but Thats pretty low on priorities right now.


sounds like youre lifting is going solid! at least much better than mine haha, hope you can figure out the fatigue.


i work in the army. without going into a lot of details. sleep is always hard to come by.

i get around it by abusing pre-workout supps. and finding ones that work.

also don't ever lift without music


I facebooked you.


I'll second Buddaboy's suggestion about getting thyroid tested.

Also, have you been tested for Lyme? I'm in SE WI and contracted Lyme 2.5 years ago. It needs to be caught and treated early, before neurological complications occur. Severe fatigue is a common symptom as is dizziness.

Any fever/flu like symptoms over the last 4 months?

LMK if you need more info.


Can you actually get the numbers, you may be bottom of the range as an example - still in range so no problem for the nurse etc



I remember you brother, hope you can fix whatever causes the issue.

Didn't you have some serious sleep apnea problems too? How's that going?


I had surgery right after I had mono, roughly two years ago. My tonsils being gone feels great, but I feel like my nose still isnt the greatest. One nostril does most of the breathing still. But I don't wake up choking anymore, which is nice. I had the largest tonsils any doctor That looked at them had seen. The last few years have just been major setback after major setback.

I got a really bad flu last summer (wtf?) immediately after having my wisdom teeth taken out. I'm not really in a position to take off of work, so I lengthened the duration of the sickness, lost even more weight, etc. I feel like if I can just avoid serious illness for longer periods of time that will help my progress greatly. I just have this bad habit of getting kicked in the nuts whenever I'm doing well in the gym.


Get tested for Lyme.


I will, I'm looking for a doctor in my network, I've only lived here for a few months.


I'll take a picture of the sheet I recieved in the mail possibly tomorrow.


What pre-wo are u using? Other supps?


First time I had my numbers checked my doc was like "you're ok, you are in the normal range". I said what's that? I was one point above the lowest point of the "normal" range. I couldn't believe he didn't think that was an issue. Time to find a new doctor.


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Interested to hear any news on this as I've also stuggled with similiar issues ever since recovering from a nasty bout of swine flu and extended period of gastroenteritis roughly 3 years ago. I take a mountain stack of sups to keep my mood / concentration and energy levels up, but it just feels like an uphill struggle all the time to stay on top of my game.

Still I try to maintain some regimen of lifting, but when it makes you so tired and cranky it starts to affect your work you gotta ease up on the gas for a little while, holidays help. Thought it may also be lyme, but then I'm seeing similar issues in people around me too, namely fatigue/crankiness/GI upset/gas/poor memory/bags under eyes etc. Which makes me wonder if it's some kind of funky new virus or something.

Let's face it though, it's all just crazy conspiracy stuff, I haven't got a clue whats going on in me, or in you, but after reading Lonnie Lowery, PhD: "The Nutritional Dr. House: Case 1 Larry the Lethargic Lifter" starts to make me wonder if its just a case of needing a long break from lifting and training to let things rebalance themselves naturally.

Good luck