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Training with CF

I have a couple friends with Cystic Fibrosis that are interested in starting to train to improve wind, strength and general fitness. I’ve done a bit of research on the matter and it appears that training can have a very positive effect for those with CF.

For example, see:




My question is one of program design. My initial thought is to design a program that focuses on higher intensity and lower volume. I believe this would be a good approach since lack of wind and work capacity is probably going to be pretty low. Once we get an idea of what kind of load they can handle we can start modifying instensity and volume as they progress. Any suggestions/comments appreciated–particularly from anyone with experience trainees with CF.

I won’t post the specific routine I have in mind since I don’t want to bias the replys. What do you think would work? Kettlebells, sand bags, deadlifts, oly lifts–the field is wide open.

Info on the trainees:
27, 30 years of age. No lifting experience or sports background. Current preference for training at home, but this may change as progress is made. Money (for membership fees, supps, etc.) not a huge issue, but a concern. Please ask for any more info you would like.