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Training with Broken Ribs


I broke a rib while grappling. Full of adrenaline, I trained for 30 minutes after that, explosivly, because I thought I was just bruised. Doc diagnosed me, told me to take it easy for 6 weeks and told me it's a slow healing process and that pain will dictate what I do forward.

I am not going back to grappling until it's fully healed, and I'm not doing anything that will interfere with my healing. I asked him if could train my upper body, eventually, and he just repeated that I could do anything that didn't hurt.

What's your experience training with a broken rib? If it means 6 weeks on the leg extention machine, so be it. I could do with some light weight training and hypertrophy anyway. First week is off anything anyway.


i broke a rib years ago. not pleasant. i,m not sure about training but whatever you do don't laugh or sneeze, it's gonna hurt.

take it easy.


i broke ribs twice on the leg press and then again on my belt at my last competition on my first attempt in the squat. It hurt like hell but i just trained around it the best that i could. It's gonna hurt but pain lets you know you're alive.


marauder, you are definitely more of a man than me! I've broken ribs/damaged rib cartilage a couple of times and traing round it was really hard.

However, on the plus side it is often possible to train without damaging the ribs further and even letting them get better (get advice from doc/physio) although extremely painful!


i've found that broken ribs and stretched cartilage are very painful but if you can get around the pain, training can continue. if it's really bad you can wrap them tight. i've just dealt with the pain though.


I agree with you 100 percent. It is damn uncomfortable though!


Damn you broke them on the leg press? I know whenever I do close-stanced leg press my ribs are usually sore for a day or two after. I'm kid of concerned I might break them now lol


you are an unstopable animal hahah


My friend broke a couple of ribs snowboarding, so couldn't do squats or deads or bench.
I suggested he did squats with a dip-belt on two raises, and otherwise he just did preacher curls and a pseudo preacher-crusher, forearm and calf exercises.
Not ideal, but at least it was something.