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Training with Broken C1

Hi! Im new on here and would really appreciate some sensible, informed advice regarding training with a broken cervical spine C1. The break is the result of a rugby tackle on the 30/3. I carried on working ,lifting, running even played another game of rugby. Pain wasn’t getting any better so I got CT scan which revealed break.
Immediately got shut down by Dr No… Don’t do this, don’t do that etc. Whilst I appreciate where they are coming from, I can’t help but feel it’s simply a blanket approach hence my presence on here. Last week I went to the gym minus my collar and deadlifted a total of 6.5 tonnes. I’m still alive, but having finally seen my x ray CT scan I’m taking things somewhat more seriously. As I said I’d just like to know from individuals who’ve been there what I can safely do. Appreciate any help anyone can provide. Fully expecting a bucket load of conflicting advice; so unless you have genuine insight please spare both of our time. Disclaimer: clearly I’m an adult and take full responsibility for my own actions. I ain’t about suing anyone!

Man c1 is no joke to play with. Just a note, most spinal cord damage is done from swelling not the impact that causes the spinal fx. So taking a risk of cause swelling isn’t worth it at this point. At worst you’re down 12 weeks. At best 6-8 weeks depending on how you heal and how followups go. Use this time to get diet in check, read, learn, maybe plan your next 12 weeks of training when you can start back. Don’t risk injury at that level unless you enjoy possibly being on a respirator and fed through a PEG tube.

Thank you very much for you reply. Much as I might not like to hear it, I think what you suggest is the most sensible approach given the nature of the injury. Hindsight wouldn’t be a wonderful thing if the worst were to happen.