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Training with Bicep Strain/Injury

Hello All:

I recently hurt my left bicep during dumbbell rows. It is still very sore and I can tell I am compensating for it when I pick things up, etc. Hopefully I can at least do the main lifts ok, but am not so sure about bench and deads right now.

My questions are mostly regarding assistance work. I think I can get by with wide, pronated grip cable rows and lat pulldowns for back (limited elbow flexion); but these do not feel as ‘good’ as chins and dumbbell rows. Anybody have suggestions for good, bicep friendly assistance exercises while recovering?
Any other tips for training with a strained bicep?


I have distal bicep tendonitis which really bothers me. I find that the Chest supported rows I cant touch and others I have to temper the weight somewhat. Pendlay Rows start to give discomfort at around 225 - 245lbs so I try to stay no higher than 225. I stil work in chins, weighted as well but have stuck with a supinated grip as narrow and wide grip give me issues.

I find that if I play with the grip with DB rows I can get them done with very little discomfort. Also using fat grips seems to help alleviate the tendon pain.

I have been able to Dead with no issues, and benching very little discomfort.