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Training with ATP and Lordosis?

I have a friend who has both ATP and pretty severe Lordosis/rounded shoulders. I always knew his posture was messed up, but because he’s over weight I didn’t know the extent of the problem. He’s a complete beginner to lifting. I took him to the gym with me and I figured I would just have him do my split, an upper body/lower body split, but I noticed that after a few weeks he was getting banged up pretty bad.

So he went to the doctors and he was diagnosed with both of these problems, but since he doesn’t have medical insurance he isn’t’ going to go to physical therapy.

So I purchased magnificent mobility and he’s been doing that video, and it’s been helping SIGNIFICANTLY. I don’t think I ever saw a more inflexible mofo in my life, lol.

But anyways, since he does have lordosis and ‘rounded’ shoulders it seems like his front delts are taking over on all chest lifts, no matter how I have him adjust his form. So here start the questions :

  1. Is it possible for him to still target chest even though he has Lordosis/Rounded Shoulders?
  2. Should I just have him hold off on the pressing movements and follow a dominant pull routine that has been shown to fix some cases of Lordosis/rounded shoulders?
  3. How long do you think it will take, doing the routine designed to fix Lordosis/rounded shoulders, to fix this guys problem?

I would just like to help him but I know physical therapy isn’t an option right now. On a happy note, since we did start training he did lose weight and he has seen muscle gains, despite having these functional problems.

Two things :

Design a routine for someone who has ATP and so cannot get the benefit out of lifts like the Squat, DL, SLDL, Lunges.

waits for someone to tell me to search through the thousand of forum posts/articles before I post this question

There is a serie of five articles called “Neanderthal No More” on this very topic. Very useful reading.

Fabiop, thanks. Just found these, they look great!

In addition, read ‘deconstructing computer guy’ by Tony Gentilcore, and ‘face-pulls and shrugs’ (or something like that) by Bill Hartmann and Mike Robertson.

Coincidentally, i’m compiling a list of tips and practices I got from authors on this site and elsewhere to retrain posture, as my hips and shoulders are not quite right. I think a lot of people have this issue. If you’d like a copy, PM me your email details

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[quote]nobodyreal wrote:
Fabiop, thanks. Just found these, they look great![/quote]

They really are! I fixed my own posture and helped a friend doing the same! And, yes, the articles the other posted mentioned are great addition to Neanderthal No More.

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Yeah I saw that and didn’t want to comment, thought it would be dickish lol.

I bet you’ve got more to say on the topic, no?

Well, better that pointed out online over a forum instead of in real life. Thanks for the correction.

Dannyrat, that would be great. Send it over! :slight_smile:

I have to say your friend is very fortunate to have some one like you as a buddy. Much kudos. All others have pointed you in the right direction. So hopefully all goes well!

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I had the same problem and I pretty much fixed it by doing one thing, day in and day out at least 30 min per day
: lie on your back
push your lower back to the ground
spread your arms. Make every part of your back touch the floor so it is straight (it should be hard)
breath with your belly, strechting your pec with every breath

focus and do effort. It worked for me and I was pretty messed up (My kyphosis was at 55 degree, last time I checked it was 27, maybe even less now) (21- 27 or 29 is considered normal)