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Training with Arthritis

I have been diagnosed with the start of DJD/OA in my shoulder. Having seen the two older men who competed in the Venice competition, I am wondering how people get around such a problem, or am I really unlucky to have to deal with it at 36 and basically screwed for upper-body exercises?



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Come on, guys.

What sups are you taking?

Check out some of Mike Robertson’s articles.

How limited are you now? How much pain?

Take glucosamine, chondroitin and fish oil pills. Unless you are down to bone-on-bone, you should be pain free in less than 6 weeks.

Fish oil and glucosamine are great to take but it takes along time for them to work and they only work so well. When you take a glucosamine take a glucosamine condrotent product and make sure to take a fish oil in probably a 6:1 form. You should start seeing improvement in 12-20 weeks. A product that will definitely take your pain away is called Kaprex from a company called Metagenics which is all natural but works amazing at taking the pain and inflammation away. The product is professional line so you can get it from a chrio, or a nutritionist.

Thanks, gentlemen.