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Training with Aortic Stenosis (Heart Condition)

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so what type of training would be recommended? He said in the 10+ rep range

Isolation exercises would be best for you. I’d avoid anything where you’re holding your breath and straining very hard. So, balls to the wall heavy weight squats and deadlifts are off the table. I don’t think that should kill your hopes for bodybuilding. You can still work on your “mild muscle connection” and do high reps to target those specific muscle groups. Just let your doctor know what you’re doing and how you’re progressing.[/quote]

thanks for the reply!

i talked to layne norton awhile back about doing the PHAT program but using a variation where it’s 6x3 on the power days with only 60% of my max essentially doing speed work slowly building up. I’d use the customized version he made for me a couple yrs ago just modifying it like above. [/quote]

Sorry to post again, but does anyone think that this will be an okay program to do? I’ve done it in the past with 5x5, never with 6x3 speed work.

Any other suggestions of program with 10+ reps per set? Bodybuilding split.

Thanks to all whom have helped. Happy New Year!

bump…any recommendations for workout program in 10+ range?