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Training with an Upset Stomach

Ok so I wasn’t sure which forum this was supposed to go in but I figured its nutrition related…

So for some reason I have had an upset stomach for the last 8 or 9 days which is the longest I’ve ever had it. Upset stomach being gas, the runs and diminished appetite. At first I stopped training and limited my food intake to bread but after it persisted and I am feeling fine in every other way I began eating and training again. I’m hoping it sort of fixes itself as it has done in every other case I have ever had.

I do however remember hearing somewhere that when you’re experiencing the runs your body doesn’t absorb any of the food you eat (or absorbs very little of it). So my question is:

Am I training and basically (in effect) eating nothing at all? Because I know that would be a shortcut to muscle loss… Should I stop training and wait for it to correct itself? Or am I worrying for nothing?

You probably shouldn’t worry about it, 9 days is nothing in the big picture. If it comes up again i’d probably try to eliminate certain things in your diet until it goes away.

Thanks K-Man. Seriously tho… one reply… A bit disappointed to be honest.