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Training with an Injured Tricep


I injured my tricep (partial tear) about six months ago. I went to a doctor, but he wasn't very helpful. After about 1 minute of talking, he said to rest it and gave me some painkillers and muscle relaxers. I wasn't told how long it might take to heal or how to rehab it. I attempted to do my own research. Well, I started directly training my triceps again this past month.

Lately, my tricep has been feeling very strange and there has been slight pain about an hour after my workouts.

Should I go back to indirect tricep training or maybe even unilateral training?


Look into seeing an ART qualified therapist



people shouldn't have to tell you this. If you tore a muscle it will not repair itself from further stretching and contracting. WHICH is what training is.

Your doc told you to rest it and it probably would have healed itself.

Now by messing with it your just going to aggravate the injury.

If you didn't like what one doctor told you, then you see another doctor. Do not self-diagnose.

Branch Warren had a tear, surgery, and rehabbed where he is training with full intensity all in the same time frame you've still been injured.

Sorry for the rant, but come on man.

I second seeing an ART or more importantly another DR.



Yes, I did rest it for almost six months (see above). I had no problems with it until recently. Six months should have been sufficient time for a partial tear to heal. I see nothing wrong with unilateral training.


That's probably good advice. :slight_smile:


I have been reluctant to see doctors around my area since one told me that when I did my knee it was only a sprain and I could use it properly after 3-4 days rest. Turns out out it was a Grade 2 bordering on Grade 3 tear, chock another great diagnosis up to the GP's eh.

Im not too familiar with ART, im not even sure if we have them in Oz but at the least get a second opinion.


I'd guess that you should do things like flys and lat raises to keep those muscles from atrophying, but even that would make your Tricep flex a bit.
A muscle tear is pretty serious; don't train it directly, that's for sure.


direct isolation with light weight and high reps is really good for rehab/prehab in my opinion.


If you had no problems until recently then are you sure it's from the previous injury and not another injury?

You can do what you like, but the body does not respond well to training injured.

I'd rather see 2-3 different doctors and get different opinions, maybe use some cool equipment like an MRI,etc and make sure nothing is torn instead of try and rehab it yourself.

If it's not torn then go for it. But if you have even a minor tear, every time you try and perform an exercise that involves the triceps, whether directly or indirectly you will aggravate it and it will NOT heal.




I'm certain it's the same injury come back to haunt me. I'll just have to go have it checked out and see someone that knows what the hell they're talking about.Obviously, it didn't heal properly. I think surgery could be a major possibility. Not being able to train pisses me off.


I know man, setbacks and injuries suck. I'm dealing with a funny pec as we speak.

If you look at it this way, I'd rather have a minor surgery and be out a month instead of ignoring a problem and ending up having to have major surgery and be out for a year.



Very true.