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Training With an Inguinal Hernia


Seems very minor so far, what exercises should i avoid

current routine is pretty simple

Day 1

OHS superset with pullups

5x5 for each

Back squats 5x5

dumbell bench just grap the 42kg ones and go for as many reps as poss for 5 sets

seated rows, 5x5 increasing weight each time

day 2

Deadlifts 8x5 ish, varies a lot on how i feel

Overhead press 5x5

More seated rows [bench jockey for years so trying to even it out]

so what stuff shoul i avoid, i'm sure my body will scream if anything isn't possible


Is surgery an option for you? I would get it fixed if I could, just because it could get worse. Anything were you strain a lot may induce pain (ie. heavy squats, deadlifts, bench). If want to compromise with your workouts b/c you don't want to have surgery then just lighten the weight and you should be fine.


i'd love surgery, but the docs in the UK don't think it's worthwhile until 4 feet iof your intestines are hanging out like an extra appendage.


Well, I guess things are different here in the US. Maybe get a second opinion from another Dr. who is a little more aggressive with surgery. Most of my athlete's who have had the surgery usually have the procedure done with mesh to patch the weakness in the abdominal wall. Most have made a full recovery and are back into lifting (not at heavy weights) in about 2-2 1/2 months.

As for the lifting, just be careful. If it hurts, lighten the weight or find alternative exercises. Being able to deal with the pain is going to be the biggest problem. Try not to make it worse, becuase I have heard of people developing swelling in the family jewels and having pain when going to the bathroom.

Good Luck!!


They have videos of inguinal hernia repairs here:


go to surgery videos


bench pullups and overhead press seems ok, but squats just feel wrong even with just 100lbs.