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Training with Adductor Injury


Hi all,

Im 22 been training now for 6 years to aid in conditioning myself for mainly for rugby and because i enjoy it. Last weekend I tore a muscle in my groin, according to the club physio it is my adductor brevis and i will be out for at least 2 weeks and it will not be back up to full strength for 4-6 weeks.

I want to continue training as much as possible and was thinking of using the time to rectify an imbalance in my upper body between my front and back, which from reading Cressey's stuff on posture I would categorise myself as exhibiting a moderate lordosis and a more pronounced kyphosis (to much benching and not enough back!! though i have stopped benching and have focused a lot on back for the last few months) which i would like to rectify.

Due to my injury i cannot really train anything that would aggravate my adductor, so pretty much all leg work is out, which is where I fall unstuck as most of my training has been leg based with around squats deadlifts, oly lifts, jumps etc. with back work accompanying them.

So now with my understanding that i am limited to training my upper body i am stumped as to how to enact a suitable regime for the next 4-6 weeks that will rectify my imbalances while not aggravating my injury and build as powerful a back as possible.

Any help will be greatly appreciated



Hi little buddy,

I have just recentley injured my adductors aswell. Mine was a minor injury that I aggravated by not stopping training! I think mine sounds worse than yours, and as I am few moons older, things takes longer to heal. My injury is worse at the insertion of the adductors into the pelvis, and hurts with any sudden side ways movement or if I try to do a lunge.

Anyway, what I did was rest for the the first 3 weeks with no training at all. Now I am doing two chest/back days and one shoulder day at the gym. For cardio I ride my bike 2 times a week and skip rope 2 times a week. They dont seem to aggravate the adductors much.

As the injury has improved, I have included high rep (20) goblet squats and high rep of the "yes/no" exercise. Apparently blood supply to the adductors is very poor, so Im hoping the high reps will get some blood to the area and aid in recovery.

If you have any questions, I am here for you buddy. I feel your pain.

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