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Training With a Sprained Ankle


i had a minor ankle sprain about a month ago, which wasnt really serious, occasionally here and there i feel a little bit of pain. so after the injury i went to the gym, did some deadlift and front squat. and next day it swelled up and i could barely walk around, and was limping on 1 leg all day and and 3 days later swelling gone down and i could walk around without feeling pain.

now back to a month later, my ankle sprain is still not fully healed, i could jog slowly and walk without feeling any pain, except when i do calf stretch that presses down hard i could feel alot of pain near the anterior of the ankle. also the posterior ligament still somewhat inflammed. i took advils and it didnt seem to work. i wonder what the hell is wrong with my ankle?!


at this time being this long are you sure its not a small fracture that needs to heal?? might have it looked at a month is more then enough time to warrant a visit to find out just what it is



since after i sprained it, i went go to gym did deadlift and front squat, that could have worsened the sprain. and 3 days after the sprain, i had to constantly walk to school, back and forth everyday without cructhes or braces... that could have impeded healing


I just sprained mine about 3 days ago, I hope mine doesnt hurt in a months time. If I was you, when you get home elevate and use ice, dont use pain medicines unless you need them. Maybe try one legged DL, or just dont do legs for a while, that what I will do. I ripped/tore/pulled the tendons or ligaments from the bottom of my foot to the top of my ankle. I can walk alright now, but you must have had a bad sprain or a minor hairline fracture. Good luck