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Training with a sprained ankle

Hey guys,
What’s going on? I sprained my ankle severely playing football yesterday morning. I curretnly have to wear a brace for 2 weeks and then I have to take it easy on the ankle for 2 weeks after that. Now I can still train my upper body with no hindrances but I need to figure out something for my lower body. Any suggestions as to what I could do? Any movements that would place very little or no stress at all on the ankle?

I would not do anything just rest. if you come back too soon it will not heal right and you could end up with tendonitis. It happened to me twice. just rest

You can still do things like Roman chair, and probably leg extensions/curls as long as the brace keeps the ankle immobilized.

I have to echo the statements on just staying off of it. I sprained mine four years ago and still exercised when it wasn’t completely healed so now it is completely fucked up. But if you want to do your other leg you could do one legged leg presses, leg curls, ext. etc.

stay off it…sit around and masterbate a lot…

Play through the pain. DO squats with the brace on, thats what its there for.

If you can just tape/brace it and get to work, however if its a high ankle sprain, less swelling SEVERE pain, you wont be better for a longer time couple months maybie(6+ weeks). My ankle blows up every year, i ice it traction the joint with rubber bands and havent missed a practice or wo ever. but im not you and maybie your ankle is more damaged…