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Training with a Shoulder Capsule Injury

Physio has advised me to completely avoid lifting with left arm for 4-6 weeks due to a shoulder capsule injury. Anyone got any experience of this sort of injury. Looking at training right side anyway and will have to avoid deadlifts for a while - any other tips? Cheers

Get an MRI, to see if it is just inflamed, or if it is stretched. I stretched my shoulder capsule, shoulder began dislocating over time. Had surgery, took 2 years to be able to do a single pushup again, 3 years to be 100% with pain here and there.

My advice is to see a specialist, not just your regular doctor.

Use orthomassage.net to find a relatively local massage therapist. Many of them specialize in hip or shoulder capsule work. They will test for strains/sprains around the area, do soft tissue work to restore normal muscle resting length, then work the capsule itself. All pain-free.