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Training With A Pulled Muscle

Two and a half weeks ago I pulled one of my lower obliques (right between the “v-line” and where my leg starts) pushing a car. It hurt momentarily and then went away. I was able to lift 4 times that week with no pain but after my fourth workout, 6 days after the initial pull, the injury came back with a vengeance. It hurt to move and I decided that I had to take some time off.

It has now been one and a half weeks since the pain came back and I have not trained any muscle since then. I hate not being able to train, but I don’t want to end up prolonging the healing process by trying to start up again before I should. My pull hurts only when the muscle is stretched out and has gotten considerably better. It doesn’t stop me from sitting up or down like it did at first. I checked for a bump and there isn’t one so I ruled out a hernia.

I am wondering if you guys think it is wise to try to train around the pull or just give it the time it needs to completely go away before I pick up a weight again.