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Training with a F**ked Up Back


I have had chronic lower back pain for about two years. I essentially blew out my back squatting 450, my hips shifted in the hole and that was that. MRI showed only a minor disc bulge on the left side of L5-S1 but all my symptoms are on the right side. Long story short I thought I had rehabbed it successfully and was doing quite well until February. All my symptoms started up again and I was back in pain again. Its been three months of flare ups and very small progress and it looks as if I will now always be in pain to a degree along with my refereed symptoms. I now just getign back into lifting and learn to deal with it because nothing is seeming to work.

My guidelines are no dead lifts or barbell squats, and as long as my pain goes no higher then a level 5 I train that day if not I rest. My goals are to be able to train intensely but within bounds dictated by my limitations i.e. the back

Mon 5/2/11
Flat bench 155x3x8
Inverse Rows BWx3x15
Front Planks x3x40 deep breaths
2 1/2 miles brisk walk

Tue 5/3/11
2 1/2 Miles brisk walk

Wen 5/4/11

Acupunture 1 hour

Split Squat 8x2x20
Lunges 8x1x20
hip lift 1 leg x2x8
bridge 8x2x10
Bird Dogx3x15
Side plank bwx1x30 8x1x20
2 1/2 mile walks


sup bitch


fuck you Jesse I am getting on a bike today and riding it around you will see.

Thurs 5/5/11
3 miles

The acupuncture made my neural symptoms go crazy it was if my whole leg was tingling very wierd. Today its not so bad hopefully it was just a side effect.


haha i was only kidding broheim. You're actually riding a bike outside? Don't break my bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


could not do it back cramped up while I was riding have to fix the seat.


5/6/11 Friday

Chin ups dead hang x3x10
Pushups bwx3x30
Pull a Parts mini x3x15
Rotary control drill x2
2 1/2 mile walk brisk pace


Sat 5/7/11
3 miles

bad day sciatica was going at it again


Sun 5/8/11

Another nasty day neural symptoms kept me up last night. Back is still pretty jacked up from yesterdays flare up.

3 miles
foam roller
ice and heat

Mon 5/9/11

Split Squat 20x2x10
Lunge 20x1x10
1 leg hip lift x3x8
Side Plank x3x30
Bird Dogs x3x15
3 miles


you have my sympathy, i have a fucked up back too, give time and proper lifting with squats and deadlifts and it will heal man.