Training with a Broken Leg

So I was out skating with my kids at a summer camp and fell and broke my fibula. I’m in a splint and will be in a cast within the next week. What can I do to keep my training going so I don’t have to lay off completely for 6-8 weeks? And yes I know I can’t work the broken leg before anyone comments.

Short and simple answer - Single Leg work and upper extremity work.

Dips and Chins (be extremely careful on dismount), Curls, extensions, seated military press, floor press, neck press, bench with feet on bench, lat pulldowns, neck work, forearm work, etc etc.

Just avoid anything standing and you’re good.

When I had my break, I used machines like crazy. You will see how hard it is to load plates, to stabilize yourself, etc. And any machines you can find may help greatly.


For Cardio find a gym with a hand bike. In my area there are some physical therapy clinics that will allow you to pay monthly
fees to use their facility. They have a lot of equipment that makes it easier to get around and train with one good leg.