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Training with a broken hand

I broke my hand when I got into a drunken brawl with some gangbangers. It was in a cast for 2 months and I’ve been out of the cast for a month now. My forearm atrophied significantly from lack of use and I lost 15 pounds of mass. I was eager to resume training after I got the cast off but my hand was extremely weak and it still hurt like hell. I used to curl 50’s and now a 15 in my previously broken hand hurts like hell. Has anyone out there had this type of injury? Is my hand ever going to return to its previous strength or am I condemned to weakness forever?

You will be fine. Stop thinking about those damn 50s and start thinking about doing things one day at a time. Take BABY steps, be patient, and you will come back STRONGER than before. Did your doctors give you any type of rehabilitation exercises to do?

Did the same thing about ten years ago. I can say that your strength and size will come back. Don’t jump back in full bore with heavy weights right away. The stress of weights will actually help with your bone density, but too much weight too soon could weaken and possibly rebreak the heeled bone tissue. Build up slowly and give your body lots of nutrients your bones need to heal. Calcium & Vit d are the obvious ones. Go to a tanning bed to get D that the sun would provide in the summer. You could tell your friends that your tan is a result of Heliotherapy for your broken bone.

I don’t want to give anyone named johny666 who gets in drunken fights with gangbangers advice on how to get stronger. Sorry it is just me…

Well you could get into another drunken brawl and break your other hand. At least then they would be equal. Seriously though, I have never been in that situation but I am sure with training you will gain back most of if not all of your strength. Slow and steady probably wins the day in the case.

How long did it take for you to go from 15# to 50# the first time around? When I could curl 55# DB for reps, I ruptured my lower biceps tendon while deadlifting (tore tendon off the forearm and tore lots of muscle also when it let loose while holding 385#…ouch)…had surgery and the full 9 yards…started rehab curling with a 2 1/2# PLATE and it was painful! Took many many months of hard work and dedication to regain all the lost strength (though my bicep is still cosmetically deformed). You will just be starting over on training the injured hand/arm and have to rebuild strength gradually, just like the first time. Good luck.

Yeah, it will most likely return to normal… depending, though, on how bad you broke it. I’ve had a boxers break on my left hand twice now and both times it felt so weak I thought I’d never get strength/range-of-motion back. Slowly-but-surely, though, it did return. Just get a tennis ball and squeeze the thing whenever you think of it. Just be patient, it will come back… and quit getting into fights! :wink: