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Training with a 4 On, 1 Off Split


#1chest/tri #2back/hams #3delts/bi #4quads 16 -2-18 sets for large bodyparts and 9-12 for smaller !!!! any comments




shoulders need love too


Day 3- delts and bis


Means that large muscle groups get hit with 36 sets every week nearly! Shit you guna be walking funny all the time doing that kinda volume for legs lol

Good luck!


well it comes out to training a muscle group once every six days


I always hear you shouldn't train shoulders with biceps because a bicep tendon crosses the shoulder and you increase chances of tendonitis or something like that. Anyone care to elaborate on this? I think I remember C_C saying something like this once or twice.


Aw dangit!...slowly backs out of thread


This can be relevant. This could be C_C, but this is definitely an issue I've seen brought up around on different lifting boards and stuff.


Likewise I've found Back/Bicep days aggravate my bicep tendons also.


This is close to the split I do. I do back/bi, chest/tri, legs, shoulders/traps. The only difference is I just repeat. No break unless I feel like i need one. And after 10 cycles through I still haveent needed a day off. Either reps or weight increases each workout.


At the shoulder, or at the elbow/forearm?

If it's at the shoulder, are you doing chins or pull-ups before your curls?
I've experienced back width exercises (usually only pull-up/chin variants, rack chins etc were fine... But if I do chest and then back I sometimes get it and other issues on more exercises) irritating the tendon at the shoulder on occasion and then messing up my curl work...


It's a very common issue from my experience, and I've mentioned it a lot when talking about what to look out for when putting together routines etc on here.
Even with perfect posture etc during exercises, it can be a problem I've found.

But yeah, it's widely discussed. If you guys want to know more you ought to talk to someone like BBB though.


C_C, are you suggesting to do chins before curls, or avoid them?


I meant that they may be the cause of the problem.
Or part of it, anyway.


thanks for clarifying