Training with 6 Movements Patterns

After long term helath´s problem I would like to back to training. My curent body stade is terrible. I want to start from total beginning.
I want to start training with 6 basic movements patterns and still improve with them (strenght a build muscles).
I read this article:

Is good train all this movements in one training still again I mean:
3 times a week same exercise with different reps:

  1. Goblet/Front Squat
  2. Lunge / swings / dead lift, hips thurst
  3. Pull up/chin up/ pull up narrow
  4. Military press
  5. Bench press/dips/push up
  6. Row
  • some biceps/triceps, Face Pull, abs, calves,

Can I stick with this full body program for long time? Just changing volume, reps etc.


If you know what you’re doing, then probably. But chances are you will need to change things up more than that to get past plateaus

Yep can do for quite some time.
Look up some Waterbury templates also when plateau/want to change it up- similar but with a few tweaks

Just start and see how it goes. One week at a time.