Training with 5/3/1 Principles Using Only Kettlebells?

Currently my country is under lockdown and I only can access to kettlebells.

How may I train with them by applying the principles of 5/3/1?

Hope to get some ideas on this. :pray:

That largely depends on the weight of the kettlebells you have, and your strength levels, but the only thing I can think of is Walrus training from 5/3/1 Forever. If you have no weight vest, just do the exercises without one, if too easy, slow down the negatives of the reps.

You could definitely use 5/31 principles with kettlebells. Start light, progress slowly, establish TM’s for your lifts (you would probably have to rely mainly on reps, or time for this), and set PR’s.

It might not be practical to use the percentages, of the base program. But you can definitely borrow from the methodology to structure your training whatever you goals may be.

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Get pavel’s simple & sinister. It’s a KB program from a guy with a similar overall philosophy about training and progressing. 531 is awesome but won’t be effective for KBs because that’s an assistance move for his programs.

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