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Training While Travelling: Guest Gym Reviews

I travel a bit for work and scheduling gym time can be challenging in any given town, especially if several colleagues are there and we only have one car. I usually get it in my name so I always have the keys and can go first thing in the morning while the rest are sleeping off their hangovers from taking the customer out the night before.

Feel free to rate your ‘guest gym’ or tips/advice for getting in your training on the road.

Was down in Greenville, NC (home of E.Carolina U.) this past week for biz. Of course, had to find a gym and chose the local Gold’s Gym, which in any town is hit or miss.

This was pretty good, although, I have to admit, I’ve never been in a “mega” gym. It had two huge weight rooms-- that was good, but there were a bunch of these ‘cardio’ rooms full of equipment, one of which was a movie theatre that apparently you exercise to a movie or something.

The good weight room (the one with the racks, dbs, HS, etc) looked down on a BB court and early am has a couple pick up games which were great to watch between sets.

DB’s to 120, many benches, full range of HS equip (bench, row, incl, etc), racks, hot college girls, etc.

8 out of 10. Win.

A couple weeks ago, I was in Albuquerque at what was previously a Gold’s gym and the equipment sucked. It was full of Magnum equipment which apparently wasn’t designed for humans of normal proportions. I literally couldn’t bench press because the (unadjustable) high pins were way too high and the low pins were at my head. Plus, the pins had what I can only describe as ‘barbs’, like a fishhook, that you had to maneuver around to the bar off. Same in the squat rack.

The Magnum solution to Hammer Strength equipment was ergonomically better, but none were iso-lateral, so for example, as you moved the weight, both sides moved in tandem vertically, but independent horizontally (opposed to HS where you can do 1 side at a time).

4 out of 10. Sucked.