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Training While Sick?


I apologize if this is the wrong place to post but I was wondering if a workout can still be effective if performed with a mild viral infection.


Home gym? Don’t care, your body will tell you.

Public gym? No way. I will tell you. Not interested in getting sick because you couldn’t take a day off.


Your not going to get weaker in the few days that you take off to get better


Agreed with the guys.

A common rule of thumb is: Sick from the neck up (stuffy nose, headcold, etc.), train but don’t be gross in the gym (sneezing and then grabbing weights, blowing your nose and then grabbing weights, leaving sweat on benches). Sick from the neck down (chest cold, hacking cough, aching joints), rest and recover. But when in doubt, rest either way.


Keep your diseases to yourself take a week off nobody wants that shit in the gym a place of health


Thanks for the advice, thankfully the illness only lasted for two days.