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Training While Sick


What is the consensus about training when sick? I am not doing anything right now because of bronchitis is kicking my butt. I have a treadmill at home and have hopped on that for 15 minutes at a time before hacking coughs. Being sick just made me wonder when should you just rest, and when can you just push through?

Also, my opinion is sick people should stay at home and not make other people sick. I hate sick people at work and I hate sick people at the gym.

But I just wondered when being sick isn't a set back, and when you are sick you need to drink a lot of water, tea and sleep and just get well?



Train. You will feel better. Take a bunch of caffeine, l-arginine some beta alinine. If I am ever sick, which is a rarity, I look forward to going to the gym because I know for the 1-2.5 hours I am there I will be essentially symptom free. Any congestion I have tends to dissipate, the movement raises my body temperature and I have broken a couple of fevers that way. Then I am able to go home and fall asleep relatively easy.

Obviously if you are at deaths door avoid this and get rest. It is a judgement call.

Shelby Starnes said something that really inspired me. It was during one of his interviews and someone asked him a question on his motivation or something like that. His response was that when he is not feeling motivated or feeling like taking a day off or a cheat meal he thinks wwowd. Which is a play on wwjd, what would jeses do. In this case wwowd stands for what would the over all winner do. I don't know how into bodybuilding you are or what your goals are but I found that inspiring and it helps me in my moments of weakness.


I definitely train while sick, like A-rod said, makes me feel better at least temporarily. Not that I get sick often at all, but when I do, it doesn't seem to hinder training. Just a little feeling crappy is all.


Alrighty, I like what I have heard. I guess I was looking for an excuse. THANKS!
I will get back to things and see how it goes. Just a lot more water and going to bed early.
Thank you.


When it's just a runny nose or a headache I'll train. As soon as it's in my throat or my body feels weak I back off. I've done the opposite a few times in the past and it always made me feel sicker the next day. I wish it were different because it really makes you feel better for some time...


"in the body"-->take a break

'Course every body/illness is unique. You gotta figure it out for yourself. Just remember, getting hurt won't help. So train smart.

My 2 cents




I didn't get in the gym but got outside and just did bodyweight squats, push ups and lunges. I do think the sun and the activity helped me sleep better which helped me get rid of the bronchitis.