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Training While Sick

So Training while sick.

My sinusitis started on monday. I tried to stick it out for a while and let my body attempt to fight it. I had a bench type of day on friday, where I did some light squatting. I decided that I still wasn’t feeling up to snuff on saturday so I started a 5 day pack of antibiotics.

Is it worth it to train on tuesday? It’s my hardest training day, so the rational part of me is inclined to skip doing that while I’m on antibiotics, and possibly substitute something else. I really do want to do something though because I won’t get to exercise for 3 days after that.

Let me know what you guys think.


not what I wanted to hear, but probably what I need to hear.

Yeh rest is the best solution. I have actually heard that working out can be counterproductive when your sick in that its just draining your energy and not benefiting you at all. Resting up and missing a week is not going to affect your overall gains and weaken you. Rest can also make you recover from sickness faster aswell

Thanks a lot for your help guys. I’m taking the week off so I can go back and really train hard next week.

Rest since your immune system is already busy and breaking down muscle will just be too taxing and you risk getting ever more sick. A week off won’t kill you.

i have worked out during my sinusitis while on a z=pac and i lived