Training While Sick

Hey Im not sure if this fits into this forum but i couldnt find a better one. Ive always been unsure when to head back to the gym after being sick and Im not sure if Ive been taking too muhc time off or not enough. I usually had back as soon as i feel able to get and about. Anyways Ive had a cold for the last couple days and Ive taken the last three off. Should I just head back as soon as I feel able to get through a workout?

Unless you have pneumonia or are really sick you should always try to hit the gym. Even going, and doing light weights for your entire workout is better than not going at all.

Also, I find that when I start working out it temporarily clears up my sinus’ and I usually feel better after the workout than I did before I got in. Almost like I sweat it out or something. Then again, that could just be me.