Training While Recovering from a Fractured Radial Bone

Hi, 3 weeks in from a Fractured Radial Bone and I’m on cast now.

Can I train other parts like shoulders or legs for example? Or what activities should I do? Should I opt to rest instead?

I was eager to come back to train but I suddenly got derailed again. I’m thinking if I can do anything just to keep the momentum and rebuild the habit.

Do as much as you can!

Yeah! Train shoulders and legs! Take it easy on the bad arm, but work whatever parts you can. Don’t forget your cardio and conditioning stuff too. Get creative! Don’t be afraid of doing 1 arm stuff.

Doing nothing for 6-8 weeks is a terrible, terrible idea. So for sure, don’t do that.


If you’re in a cast, anyway, what’s the risk? This depends on the fracture, so it’s not a rhetorical question: the ortho should be able to tell you. If it’s safe, you can probably rig up all sorts of movements.

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I appreciate this! Thanks man!

The ortho advised for me to rest however it got me thinking. It’s only one part of the body while the others are good. I didn’t want to stop too because i’ll just cut the habit and be back to where i started. I appreciate the reply coach!

Gotcha! Then I would definitely just not touch that side. There’s actually quite a bit of data out there showing that training one side of your body will actually benefit the contralateral side that does nothing. I’d use machines, dumbbells, cables, whatever on the uninjured side and then really take this time to get lean and mean with my conditioning. That way you can just focus on building when the cast comes off.

By way of qualifier, I got the blue checkmark and I’m not kidding when I say it meant the world to me, but I absolutely would elevate @FlatsFarmer’s advice (and several others) well above my own on this topic. Whatever he says tends to be gold and he’s helped quite a few people train around injuries.


The 1 arm stuff while one recovers is new to me. But damn im doing this lol

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I appreciate you guys on this. I never even thought of doing one arm working. This is a goldmine for me!