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training while on

welcome back ct,

what are your thoughts/experiences on training while on a gram or more per week of androgens while trying to increase lbm? in particular, should total training volume be increased or not?

i have used ovt in the past with nice results. i plan to use the program during my upcoming mass cycle. would you tweak it in any way? perhaps go with it for 8 weeks straight?

thanks in advance.

I do notice that athlete using a hefty dose of androgens increase volume too much. It’s true that AAS will increase the rate of protein synthesis, thus will allow you to recover from more microtrauma caused by training. HOWEVER AAS will not protect you from CNS overtraining. Furthermore, if you are using highly androgenic compounds only (e.g. testosterone) you increase the risk of tendon injury if you use too much volume.

I’d say that the training volume can be increased while on AAS, but not the amount of high-intensity work (which is CNS-intensive and more demanding on the tendons). I feel that adding several high reps (15-20)/low weight (50%) sets with a long eccentric tempo to the regular training regimen will have a positive effect on an AAS-using bodybuilder. The low intensity will not drain the CNS, and the slow eccentric tempo will actually help strengthen the tendons.

thanks for the response. im glad that you mentioned the tendon strength/injuries. there was a discussion in regards to collagen synthesis on the steroid forum a few weeks back. the short version is this:

depending on the dosage, injecting test may increase protein synthesis by 50x. it may also decrease collagen synthesis by 50% and therefore lead to tendon injuries. the solution was to add deca, primo, eq, or anavar to your cycle. which will supposedly increase the rate of collagen synthesis and negate the negative effects test has on tendons.

do you have any current research that may relate to this topic?

thanks again.

Not really, at least none that is specific to bodybuilders using 1000mg of androgens a week! From what I gathered from competitive powerlifters and strongmen competitors, equipoise seems to be your best bet. Some will also say that anadrol can be useful as it increases fluid build-up, which lubricate the joints without causing estrogen related water retnetion. Powerlifters report much lower joint pain while using equipoise and anadrol. Deca was once a favorite for that purpose, but the sexual side effects turned many users off.

From what I’ve heard winsrol and testosterone is not a good stack for strength athlete and will cause extreme tendons fragility in strength athletes.

thanks ct. i think ill give your high rep sets a try.

Only thing is, it isn’t technically a lubrication effect.

Nandrolone in particular has a binding effect on the corticoid receptors…it eases pain but can actually make things worse by not allowing the corticoids to exert their actions.

Winny is especially bad on the joints due to its action on collagen synthesis.

Truly the only compound that can actually repair joints is GH