Training While On

I am about to start
Test Prop: 2 weeks on, 2 or 3 weeks off, 2 weeks on at 500 mg/wk injected ED for the first 2 weeks. (The dose for the 2nd 2 weeks will depend on my reaction from the 1st 2 weeks on). No PCT planned, but Nolva on hand.

I am a track athlete, but am currently doing powerlifting with a team, and plan to compete in less than 2 weeks (I will not be drug tested)

My lifts have been going up recently, due to new techniques et al, and i am wondering about how my loading should change while Im on cycle. I worry about getting injured, and/or my tendons being strong enough to handle the weight. Can I continue to do heavy singles above 90%, should I drop to more doubles, triples…?

I am in the midst of talking to others on the team about this, but they do not like to talk about gear and that type of stuff in public.

Any and all help is much appreciated.

(I prefer not to state my lift numbers, thanks - although I will say that they are certainly respectable)

Speaking as a geared up PL, heavy singles or even triples is what is going to help you avoid injury.
*The asterisk is for your training prior to your cycle. If you are unaccustomed to heavy 1-3 max effort stuff and suddenly include it there will be an adaptation period; nothing bad and you are unlikely to get injured. But it would be best if you were used to heavy singles and triples. Then once your start gear your tendons will already be prepared for when your muscles surge in size and strength compared with your tendons and ligaments.

I have been doing heavy work (< 90-95%) for the last 3-4 weeks. I have never been injured from lifting before. You think that is enough to be able to adapt to the extra strength from the gear?

I would bump the Test to 1000mg if you are going for 2 week cycles. If you haven’t already, read Bill Roberts articles over at MesoRX about short cycles, great info.

3-4 weeks is not what I’d call a lot. You should be ok as long as you continue training your tendons with heavy reps. 3-4 months would have been better but just go for it. I think you will be fine.

1000mg of prop is a lot even for a two week cycle, unless you are experienced

It is imperative to use a high dose on short cycles, if using only Testosterone. You must get your blood levels up quickly or else the short cycle is rendered virtually useless. Which is to say, you might as well have used a test boosting supplement in lieu of AAS.

If the OP would like to stick with 500mg a week of Test prop he should at least add an oral such as Anavar, Tbol, or Winstrol.

As a track athlete, if you have not seen this already,
This is the protocol Victor Conte used for elite sprinters. Just some extra info to chew on.

My plan was to do the first 2 weeks at 500 mg, and then depending on how i react vary the next 2 weeks. I am worried about prop pain and such. I also might throw an oral in for the 2nd 2 weeks.

As of now I am not as worried about track, being that the season is quite a ways away, I am focusing on lifting.

Does anyone have experience with 500 mg/wk of prop, does it have an effect? after only 2 weeks?

I, of course, have experience with Test Prop. I would not have commented on this thread without the experience. Do I have experience with short cycles? No.

I am not necessarily trying to discourage you from carrying out the plan you have laid out above. Rather I am taking from my experiences and giving you what I feel would yield a greater net effect. Just my two cents so to speak. That is what we are here for, I feel.

You will never know until you give it a go for yourself. Everyone reacts differently to AAS and you may find you favor well with that dose. Do I think you will like the results with 1000mg better? Yes. Must you do it? No.

You say you are going to do a four week cycle? I’m sorry I have to go back and read the thread again.

thanks for the input, I talked to some guys on the team and I think ive got my plan figured out for now.

Its 2 2 week cycles separated by 2 weeks off. I am going to run 500mg/wk for the first 2 weeks, and then adjust the 2nd 2 weeks according to my reaction to 500mg/wk. I will keep my training as it has been - heavy as I think my body is ready enough for those weights.

Wlll keep you all posted on how it goes

So im on my 2nd injection, just did it.

I did aspirate, but after the shot there was a tony bit of blood in the syringe. Also I got quite light headed and dizzy while injecting. Does this mean i hit a blood vessel. Is there anything extremely wrong about this? anything to worry about?

You’re fine, as long as no blood appeared when you aspirated, there should be no problem. You might of nicked a vein, but that doesn’t mean you injected into it.

When you pull out the needle from an injection site, you are essentially creating a small vacuum, and as such if passing through a vein, you will pick up some blood.

I remember the first time this happened to me. I though it was all over, I was gonna die right there in my apartment with a used needle at my side! How would that have looked…

Great, thats what i figured.

Another question though:

So when I was filling the syringe, I injected air into the vial and all, but there was still an air bubble in the syringe. I wanted to get it out before the injection (obviously) but I was forced to tap the side a bunch and then ended up pushing out some of the oil to get the bubble out. Any suggestions for this not happening next time?

It depends on the size of the syringe you are using and how much oil you are drawing into it.

From your previous post I would assume you are injecting 1.5ml of Test Prop EOD @ 100mg/ml. This would put you at 525mg/week. I will also assume you are using a 3ml syringe, since they are the most popular.

Its really easy, try not to think about it too hard. I just draw the oil, pull out the syringe, cap it, tap it, pull back some more, tap it again, then you should be able to push the plunger up to the top without any air bubbles in the barrel. You will most likely always push out an insignificant amount of oil.

However, if possible you should always inject with a fresh needle, and not the one you drew with. Needles are too cheap to not buy enough to always use a fresh one. This practice will reduce your chances of injection pain/irritation and infection. I have thrown aways needles for things that you would look at me funny for. The penny that I spent on the needle is far less than what would come from a bad injection.

Anyway, the more you play around with this stuff the more familiar and comfortable you become with the whole procedure. Its kind of like sex, you get better as you go along, so I have heard anyway. Hope this helps.