training while on the road

Can anyone recommend an article regarding training while on the road or away from home. My job takes me out of town quite often and often I cannot get to a gym.
I thought I once read here a T-Mag an article about a program that I could follow that I could perform in my hotel room. I can’t seem to find it in the search.

Use the hotel gym. Your hotel should have some dumb bells, etc.

Stella who flew 160k+ miles this year already!

The MacGyver Workout
by Christian Thibaudeau
T-mag #275

There were some others too, one by Ian King I think.

are you really so busy you can’t get to a gym, or is it lack of fortitude in looking for one when you can just sit in your hotel room and watch late-night, soft-core, stroke-shows on pay-per-view? Seriously even… presidents and heads of industry and all kinds of people find gyms indifferent towns. I often when traveling open this thing called a “phone book” and turn to the “yellow pages” and look for “health clubs” or what-not and pay a small fee to work out for the day or week or whatever… I think it’s easy to not train and it’s hard to get off your ass after working all day and find a gym. That’s what separates those who make progress from those who don’t. Taking the initiative to do something extraordinary, and really, finding a gym is not exactly extraordinary. any retard can do it… even me…

Cardio-Just pack a jump rope and a pair of running shoes.

You could also consider the Lifeline Gym . The folks on this site will probably think it is wimpy but the same folks don’t do pushups.

I bring a set of push up bars… great workout

I’ve usually found the hotel gyms to be pretty weak! Some are better than others, and I have found a few gyms in certain hotels that have a decent facility.

Ask the front desk/concierge if they have a hotel membership to a local gym. Otherwise, I’ll ususally use my AWAY program for the YMCA.

A little planning ahead of time can make all the difference.

The lifeline is probably better than nothing. I believe that is the rubber-band gig. It has a plastic set of handles that attach together… you can basically do just about anything with it and its definitely better than nothing.

Other than that, most hotels I have stayed in (a LOT) either have a gym or they have a membership to a gym that’s close by you can work out at for free.

Unless you are staying at the “Chez Asstown Suites” you should be able to find some kind of gym.


Thanks for the info & leads. I will review Christian Thibaudeau’s article. I am still searching for Ian Kings’s article and can’t seem to find it. Has anyone read it or know what issue it was in? I am a big fan of Ian Kings.

As for cardio… that is a no brainer as I prefer running outside as opposed to on a treadmill.

My experience indicates that most hotel gyms suck unless your staying somewhere very high end.

YMCA or local gym? Havana, Cuba… not that easy!!! I am sure they exist… but this is a poor fucking country and I am sure that their gyms are nothing like we are accustomed to. In addition, while on the road my schedule is pretty hectic.

Again, I was looking for a routine that one could perform, while on the road, maybe in the hotel room with no equipment. Probably something that involves push ups, chin ups, dips, static squats against the wall etc…

I believe the Ian King routine was called “Death by Bodyweight”. Sorry, I have a dial-up modem and don’t want to waste time searching. Older Lifter recomended a portable chinup bar in a previous post w/similiar topic a long time ago. He said he would secure it at about waist height and lay down and do one arm row/curls on it. I am a big fan of doing jumping pushups with your feet elevated. Get creative or just visit a local gym…

Go over to the elitefitness site and order yourself some of their powerlifting bands. They come in three different strengths, are light enough to pack and carry easily, and will provide you with extra resistance for a whole host of BW exercises. (Try wrapping a band around your shoulders, so that one end is in each hand, and then doing pushups…) Furthermore, you can use them in your regular workouts when you get back home. :slight_smile:

Planning is key:
Whenever I travel for work, I always do an internet search for gyms in the area in advance, I find the closest ones and print out a map and take it with me. Most times I can find one within a $10 cab ride, even across the street (OKC), sometimes I really lucked out and the hotel gym had a cage (Marriot in Houston)! Smaller towns, like way up in NE BC (Fort Nelson, Ft. St. John, etc), there’s usually only one gym, and everyone knows where it is and it’s a short walk there…