Training while on the juice - need help!

I’ve been trying to figue out the best way to train while on the juice. I’m looking to put on muscle (20-25 lbs) for my next 8 week cycle. I figure I’d do two 3 week hypertrophy phases and end with a 2 week strength phase. I want to periodize reps, rest periods, volume, TUT, exercises, etc. What is the best way to do this? Here’s what I’ve thought about doing: 1st 3 weeks: Reps 10-12, Rest 30-60 secs, TUT 40-60 secs, Volume 20-25 sets, exercises ? 2nd 3 weeks: Reps 8-10, Rest 60-90 secs, TUT 30-50 secs, Voulme 15-20 sets, exercises ? Last 2 weeks: Reps 4-8, Rest 120-180 secs, TUT 20-40 secs, Volume 10-15 sets, exercises? As you can see I have yet to determine how I’ll periodize my exercises. Do you guys have any suggestions? What do you think about what I’ve come up with this far? Feedback welcomed.

the training you suggested should work fine. the most important factor is going to be your diet. EAT ALOT! rest between sets should be a little longer the whole way through. try 120-180 sec. throughout(you’ll move more weight like this too). and make sure to get 9+ hours of sleep a night. GOOD LUCK BRO! your gonna get huge.

Scottie Too Hottie…sorry, I can’t speak from experience here–never juiced–but I thought I’d lend a hand anyway. Your split will play a major role in this also. For example, are you going to be pairing antagonist bodyparts? or just one bodypart/workout? or agonists?

If you’re pairing antagonists, say chest and back, you’ll be good to go with rest intervals as is. I prefer this method because it allows for more recovery between sets, a great pump, more exercises and sets per workout and thus training volume.

But I think if you're doing straight sets, you'll need at least 45-60 (maybe more) seconds between sets (this is for the hypertrophy phases) and you'll have to decrease either weight or reps on each subsequent set because this method doesn't allow full recovery. However, this method taxes substrate stores and provokes significant chemical changes.

Rest Intervals and Time Under Tension are perhaps the most critical components of hypertrophy. Keep TUT above 40 seconds. Adjust your tempos also. Looks good all in all though, buddy. For the hypertrophy phases you may consider a larger number of exercises for fewer sets. For example, 4-5 exercises for 2-3 sets, rather than 2-3 exercises for 4-5 sets.

Thanks for replying guys. I will have my diet in check eating 1,500 cals above maintenance and close to 2g/lb. of protein. I’ve got everything taken care of except training. Timbo, here’s what I was thinking in terms of split. Training days are Tues, Wed, Fri, Sun. It’s a 3 workout rolling program for entire cycle. 1st 3 weeks I’m pairing (listed in priority) Shoulders/Triceps/Chest, Hamstrings/Quads/Lower Back, Upper Back/Biceps. My lagging bodyparts (listed in order) calves, forearms, abs, neck. Abs will be done every training day, forearms 3x/week, calves 2x/week, and neck 2x/week. I want catch those bodyparts up so I’ll do them first every time. I’ll train some of them on Saturday to allow more recovery.

2nd 3 week hypertrophy phase I'll pair (listed in priority) Back/Chest/Shoulders, Quads/Hams/Lower Back, Triceps/Biceps. Same thing for lagging bodyparts. Reason why I'm doing this split 2nd is because this is the way I've been training for the last 6 weeks so I need to mix it up right away.

I was also planning on doing many exercises and lower sets as you recommend Timbo. I'll take the advice on TUT and rest intervals too. I might mix it up like do 1 set of shoulders, rest 60 secs, 1 set of triceps, rest 60 secs repeat. This way I use short rest intervals but still get some recovery so my weights don't drastically fall.

More feedback is welcomed and will be very helpful in my quest for hugeness.

nice, timely question… I just finished writing a program for t-mag to use while on an eight week cycle. It incorporates some twice a day training, and you’ll need a lot of sleep and food if you’re gonna use it, but it should be just the ticket if everything’s in order.
I’m looking for test subjects, so if you (or anybody else that reads the forum) is planning a cycle and wants to give it a shot, email me at and I’ll send you the exact program. Everything will be outlined for you in detail, and you can email me at any time for the duration of your program with questions. All I expect in return is feedback on your diet/lifestyle and progress.

Any takers?

Sorry, forgot to mention one other thing. You can modify the program (very easily) if you’re one of those 2 on, 4 off type guys. Email me if you’re interested…