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Training While On/Off

I’m looking to gain 10-15 lbs on a short 3 week cycle, but I need to gain some strength. What type of training would benefit me the most? I was thinking of doing two sessions a day. The first would be higher reps, the second would be a strength session. Would this be overtraining if I kept the sessions short. I don’t know how else I could do it. I need a hypertrophy and strenth cycle all in one. Another question i have is is there any benefit to training more when doing a cycle or should I just continue the same? Does the dosage of roids matter on training and recovery time? Thanks for the help.

For strength, I would use Kings 12 week programs, I know you said you want 3 weeks, but is your goal to get strong and lose it? I would rather make steady gains and keep them. If you want to use roids, try Gramabol cycle. Do a search on it.

If you’re going to train the same muscle group twice per day, train heavy in the morning and light later on.