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Training While on Keto?

This has probably been asked dozens of times but I haven’t seen anything as of yet lol anyways if I’m running Keto, what training should I be doing and avoiding? Like would a 3x a week full body split work best with HIIT or LISS?

I’ve had instances where I’ve had competitor clients running Keto based plans, and except in extreme cases, we typically avoid most HIT work due to the energy source utilized. There have been times in my own past contest preps where as you get into the real deep parts of the cut, when you’re seriously dragging all the time, and energy levels can be an issue. Still, the thing is, many people who are Keto advocates are quick to stress the more stable blood sugar levels typically experienced. Hard training though won’t usually be your priority.

You won’t die or anything, but as your body “fat adapts”, which can take a few days, you might get hit with some serious sluggishness and even head aches.



When you/ your clients go into keto, was that the goal or was it more a byproduct of getting so deep into the diet?

I have the majority of my clients keep carbs, even pretty significant amounts of carbs in most cases, right through their contests. Some people though simply respond better to other approaches, that can mean ”running on a half empty tank” (people who I’ve worked with are chuckling at this), or even just forcing the body to utilize a different energy substrate or means to obtain the one it does prefer.

Understand that despite what some pretty prominent names might have you believe, eliminating carbs, or managing insulin isn’t a guaranteed way to get ripped. (@BrickHead knows who Im referencing -lol)



Awesome. Thank you for that response, and it makes a lot of sense.

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