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Training While On Juice

Any of you try the 10 sets method or German Volume Training? I have had a lot of gain over the years doing this type of routine.Just would like to hear your thoughts on this type of training and if any of you use this training method.Is it ideal for an anabolic routine. Let me know fellas.

Get big damn it,

The biscuite

I know a guy who used the German training scheme, don’t know much about it though. Personally, I just go “heavy and hard”. Then when I start to plateau, I switch to “volume” training with moderate weights 10-12 reps. That is what works for me though. You just have to learn through trial-and-error what works for you.

I’m almost done with Phase 1 of my first German Volume Training. I like the structure of it, even if it’s a little boring, and I’m definitely seeing some results. But, as I’m 2 weeks into my first cycle (Test Prop and NPP) I don’t know what to attribute it to.

After Phase 1 you get a few weeks break before Phase 2. During that I plan to do the “heavy and hard” as the other guy put it on all my favorite lifts.