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Training while on Cycle vs Natural for Powerlifting?

Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about this for a while, reading several topics and forums about this and not very sure, so I decided to create a new topic.
I’m natural and I enjoy training with lower volume, higher frequency since I’ve done the smolov base cycle and got very good results from it (+30kg). I’ve read that frequency is lowered during a cycle and I also got good results with lower frequency and super low volume for squats. I did a total of 12 reps a week of squats, being a 3x3 on Monday and 1x3 on Friday and that’s all. I got around 20kg out of it in about 2-3 months and now switched to high frequency, because I really enjoy it. My question is: should I change my training from high frequency back to squatting around twice a week with maybe more volume and higher intensity while on cycle? (first cycle would consist of 500mg per week of test. Thanks in advance!

I’ll make it simple… You do what works for you. If high frequency/volume works then go for it. There is no generic style that works for everyone.

As moosejuice0311 just said, do what works for you. I would not change my type of training based on this claim. What works for you natural will work better with steroids. Don’t do it like most of guys, they would increase frequency/ volume, everything while ON esteroids, based on the information they could recover faster, etc… everyone is different… of course 500 test/ w would put you in a better recovery threshold, but not that bullshit you hear about.

Alright, thank you guys! Much help :slight_smile: I’ll keep things the same

I agree with what the guys said above. You have to do what works best for you and you need to be your own experiment.

As for the 500mg of Test, that will just amplify your results with whatever method of training you choose

I would assume guys on gear have the ability to handle more volume and recover faster,whatever works for you I guess.

dude. you have no business posting in the pharma forum.

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Ik, did you not read the word “assume”.

I did read that. what is the value of your post if you’re just making an assumption?

The whole point of asking a question on a forum like this is to get advice from people who actually know the answer, or are pretty familiar with the subject. Why in the world would anyone want to know what a 16 year old assumes to be true about… idk, anything?