Training While on a Low-Carb Diet

what kind of training is reccomended for gaining muscle while on a low carb diet

eat some carbs?

If you’re trying to cut up and preserve muscle mass, train as hard and heavy as you can (you may need occasional longer rest period, or added BCAAs during your session though).


cardio and abz

Why are you on a low carb diet in the first place?

I, personaly need loads of carbs, maybe because i’m young, or maybe becuase i was very skinny who knows.
I still eat some fats as well tho.

But i look forward to the carb sources than the fats.

i am looking to cut and then once i get below 10 percent i will bulk

Eat more protein than you think you need.

give carb cycling a whirl

Maybe try a supplement called “time”, how long have you tried low carb for? You seem to think it’s not really working, how have you reached this conclusion?

[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
If you’re trying to cut up and preserve muscle mass, train as hard and heavy as you can (you may need occasional longer rest period, or added BCAAs during your session though).


Good advice.

Although, some useful info would be:

Daily calories
Macronutrient split

Been zero carb for 107 days now. If you’re LOW carb, it will suck. Being low carb feels horrible and training is the worst; you just want to quit.

ZERO carb feels much better. I don’t know the science behind it, but you stop craving carbs once you enter ketosis and you can lift very intensely. I’ve been steadily gaining strength even on zero carb and very low calories. If your strength is dropping, you’re doing it wrong or the diet may not be for you, because it ideally should at least maintain.

So long as fats are high, your energy out of the gym will not suffer on a low/no carb diet once you have become “fat adapted.”

However, to do well in the gym it is best to have some glycogen in your muscles. This will require a carb load. I personally eat low carbs (<50 grams of ACTIVE carbs per day) all year round, with two carb meals per week (one Sunday night and another Wednesday night). This allows me to make good progress in the gym (or, at least, progress that is satisfying to me personally).

As far as training is concerned, provided the volume is not totally excessive, no style of weight training should need to be excluded while on low carbs. I’ve been following 5/3/1 recently and always have enough energy; I’ve done WS4SB in the past on the same diet.


You can bust ur ass, whilst using any diet, providing you give your body enough nutrients.

Simply eat enough fats and protein and the volume wont REALLY matter. I ma not very insulin sensitive, so am on low-no carbs so I take in 2g/lb protein, APPROX 0.75g/lb fats and train twice a day(Heavy CNS work in the AM and lactic acid work in the PM. Goal - Body Comp and its working).

You need to ensure your hormones are in balance. Ideally, your hormonal profile will dictate what diet you should be on and will make your best progress.


Age 19
Height 5’10
Weight 177
Bodyfat 12%
Daily calories 1800-1900
Macronutrient split high protein/low carb/mod fat

Well, I’m a week and a half out from finishing this [stupid fucking] cut, and I’m obviously pretty low carb consistently.

I’m training the exact same way as I did before. Balls to the wall. No apologies. Ramping sets, with one maximal set that is either increased or increased (not a typo) every session.

It’s all mental man.

Although scarfing down a pizza every once in a while to replenish your energy is never a bad thing.

yah i am been using low carbs and still training hard running HIIT in the morning and weights at night…but i just need help setting up a new diet very badly

HIIT in the morning?


is that bad?

[quote]tlydi23 wrote:
is that bad?[/quote]


Empty stomach = don’t do it, low impact is ok.

Interval stuff can be quite demanding, IF I’m doing it - it will be after weights and NOT on another day and be short in duration.

What does your weights/HIT interval look like?

Please tell me you are not doing both everyday?!

How long have you been low carb for?

How long have you calories been so low?

Do you have any carb refeed days/meals? How often?

Are your weights going up or down?