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Training while on a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet?

I was curious as to what training methods do you guys use while on a CKD? Any help would be appreciated. I was going thinking of doing Meltdown Training with this type of diet. What do you think? My goal is to shed some fat.

I find that you have to take it ez on ketogenic diets. If you push yourself too hard you will notice loss of muscle mass quickly.

Dont be doing no lactic acid training when on the keto diet,I garentee you ll lose a lot of muscle.Just do 60% of your 1rm for about 12 reps,During the diet your goal is to burn ketones,not build muscle.Also,i think the weekend carb ups should be scrapped,lose all the fat you got then slowly introduce carbs until you find out how many carbs you can eat with out getting fat.Good luck

CKD worked great for me! For the Diet 6 days Keto + 1 day Carb-up worked the best. For the workout, avoid doing sets of 12-15 reps with light weight, in my experience it accelerates muscle loss. What I did was 5x5 heavy sets; increasing the weight each set until I reached a weight I could just do (almost failure)for 5 reps (5th set), and then increase the weight on your next workout! I was able to drop body fat % into the single digits, increase my lean muscle mass, and increase strength.

thanks for your responses guys! hey venom i was curious as to how you split up your workout. did you do half the body one day (i.e. legs, back and bi’s) and the rest (chest, shoulders and tri’s) on another day? Also what type of exercises did you include.

I love the CKD and use it to cut all the time…I like to use one day of carb up and do mainteance or slightly above maintenance lifting weight, although overall volume is decreased (as should be with any diet plan that restricts calories)…I do not believe you lose muscle too quickly etc or that you have to reinstate carbs slowly…what people are misconstruing this for is water weight gain. Keep in mind that you should keep track of your daily caloric intake and track how much negative balance you are in each day…3,500kcal negative balance over the course of one week should give you about one pound of fat loss…Supplement the f*()& out of MCT’s while on it.
Peace out.

Dont change anything. I lift hard and heavy and run sprints and conditioning up to two miles and do other training, and I am keto mon-fri, but on the weekends I am rarely not eating some kinda carbs and protein(and a good amount of fat)

High intensity anearobic training stresses glucose as a fuel source,if on a keto diet,no glucose,unless it breaks down muscle for it.On a personal note,back on Jan 1st of 99,i weighed 257 pounds with a 44 inch waist,on a cyclic keto diet a la Bodyopus,i weighed 188 pounds on May first 99 with a 32 inch waist.No ephedrine,clen,or juice,just lots of m.c.t and yohimbe.Being a guy that likes the motto “go heavy or go home” i trained heavy for low reps while on the diet,and im telling you from experienc dont train heavy unless its after the weekend carb up as you will have some glycegen in you liver to fuel these types of workouts.Good luck.

Venom, what were your numbers on the carb load…did you go technical and do twice your diet calories during the week…also do you keep track and could you give me your macronutrient breakdown for the carb load:
mine looks like this
Carb up:
4680Kcal (approx 2ice what i eat dieting during week)
7 Sat

This does not result in water spillover and I am usually able to kick back into keto the day after with moderate cardio