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Training while on a Cycle

Hi people

How do u guys train while on a cycle? for pure hypertrophy gains?
low reps(4-6) high weight?
Moderate reps (5-10) moderate weight
high reps(15 plus) light weight

Or maybe a combination of both?
Just curious because im stating a cycle soon and want to know if i should do a waterbury ABBH program or a basic program of 1 bodypart per week high sets in the 10-12 rep range.

Many thanks

See below for his original post a few days ago:

Once again, if you don’t have the base knowledge of training and nutrition you have absolutely no business doing a cycle.

Save the drugs. Get your diet nailed down. Train hard. THEN use.


Give Chad’s ABBH a go then straight onto quattro dynamo then take 5 days off ,try that and see how u go.

I agree that u should learn more about nutrition and training before u decide to go to the dark side, but dont take what the others say to personally.