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Training While Injured


Been training for a fair while now for pure size gains and am up to over 200 pounds and around 18% body fat at 5"8 and recently have started having a few small injuries I presume due to lifting heavier weight and most recently it seems like I've strained or could be soft tissue damage in my right fore arm right in the middle and pains to use any force on my arm and wrist if anyone has had this problem before and have any advice would be appreciated.

I've had it for the last 4 days while doing some heavy curls and doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. My question is how would you go about training in a situation like mine, my plan is to cut calories to just above maintenance and do two heavy leg workouts during the week and another day of core and ab work.


I fucked up this months ago:


I couldn't even stand up from a sitting position without massive, sharp shooting pain. So I took a month off of squatting. I could pull fine but squats were the most painful thing I could do.

Well the pain went away during everyday life and I decided to try squatting again. I racked up 135, and half way down BAM. My leg hurt just as much as it did the first day I fucked it up in the first place.

This time I said fuck you, and just squatted ultra light with a lot of fucking reps until it stopped hurting. So instead of starting at 135 now, I just fatigue my legs before getting to working weights and I can move heavy for me without serious pain. If I don't fatigue it well enough it hurts for like 2-3 days again...

I do something like this:

It only took me a few weeks to get used to the extra "volume" and I try and treat it almost like cardio.

I guess I'm taking 6,000 words to say I responded better to a few weeks light duty than to a few week no duty.