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Training when Using the Anabolic Diet



There are several great old threads on the anabolic diet but there unwieldy and huge.

I recently started back with it as a CKD diet.

What training is recommended on the diet?

I’m tempted to do the big beyond belief training but it looks like it may cause burnout.

Also I’d want to do deadlift which isn’t on the big beyond belief template, but could be if I wanted to I guess.

I am starting with the break in phase of bodyweight x 18 and wanted opinions here.



Little Ketosis on CKD

Research by Dr Jake Wilson demonstrated that on a CKD that you are only in ketosis 1- 2 days.

When you carb up on Saturday and Sunday then go keto on Monday through Friday, you don’t achieve ketosis until Thursday or Friday, Thus, you are only in ketosis for about 1.5 to maybe 2 days.

Wilson’ research also demonstrated the the CKD also increased body fat. Your system essentially become a ketone burning factory and loses it ability to utilize glucose (carbohydrates), especially when you flood you system with a high carbohydrate intake.

Wilson’s research found that the key to transitioning from keto to carb needed to be achieved by staring off with about 100 gram a day and slowly ramping it up.

Doing so minimized glucose being stored as body fat; minimized that body fat you added.

This has to do with…

“Metabolic Flexibility”

This defined as your body ability to transition from one fuel source to another; fat to glucose (carbohydrates) or glucose (carbohydrates) to fats.

Individual who on high carbohydrate diets are “Carb Dependent” fore energy.

Individual who are on high fat/lower carb/moderate protein keto diets are "Keto Dependent for energy.

You system become “Keto Adapted”, efficient at utilizing ketone for fuel and inefficient at processing carbohydrates.

The optimal method of developing “Metabolic Flexibility” is…

Intermittent Fasting

Dr Mike T. Nelson provide some great information on this on how Intermittent Fasting program you system to be most efficient at using and transitioning from burning ketones to glucose; being able to use the right fuel source for the right job.

Kenny Croxdale


So, would it be better to either be keto or carb dependant? Can one be just lower carb 100-150g a day?


If Jake Wilson is Jacob Wilson, I appreciate his work however I generally take what he says with a grain of salt.

Some of his work with supplements like his HMB study that muscletech used are based nowhere in reality and are just outrageous.

Are you familiar with lyle mcdonalds “Ultimate diet 2.0?”

I only ask because the ultimate diet 2.0 (important to note the version as it’s not the same as Dan Duchaine’s first book) has a huge section on how the body doesn’t switch back from a fat burning to carb burning mechanism as easily as people think, and that over the course of a 36 hour short overfeeding period you are still burning fat if you carb load with absolutely minimal fat.

As for intermittent fasting, I agree that it’s awesome. In some ways, it’s the perfect way to eat absolutely.

As I type this, I wonder why I don’t just do the much more structured ultimate diet 2.0 vs the sloppier anabolic diet.


If you read what Dr. DiPasquale actually says in the Anabolic diet, he says it isn’t supposed to be a Ketogenic diet or CKD. He claims you hover just outside of ketosis because of the massive carb ups in the weekend by design.

A few things. The Anabolic diet is all about making adjustments based on results (as any diet should be). It’s more like a framework.

You should be able to train however you want. I would put the tougher/lower body work earlier in the week while you have more glycogen.


x2. He has real credibility issues after this.


This is the ‘small print’ of a strict cyclical ketogenic diet’ and the part we all struggle with, more pizza anyone??. It is also true that the Jacob Wilson study did not mandate that subjects on the CKD carb-up cleanly. The outcome may have been different had that variable been controlled (they didn’t workout on carb days either). Though very anecdotal, there is a well-known face on social media who has followed a CKD for years and he maintains using a strict low fat carb source post-depletion is the only mode that seems to work. His go to is something like Twinkies (I cannot remember the brand) eaten dry, with daily fat intake rock bottom.