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Training When Still Sore?


Hi, CT. Love your articals. Put OVT to good use, now I have just started your Destroying Fat program. I was wondering what is your attitude towards training a bodypart that is still sore from the last workout. Say I do a full body lactate-inducing session on Tue and am due to do a heavy lifting quad/ham workout on Thu, but by quads, hams and glutes are still pretty sore from Tue's session.

Should I go ahead and train, or wait another day? My goal is to get really lean, before startring another bulk, with the ultimate goal of a figure contest. I am 124lb and around 18%BF.


Kinda odd when a woman talks about bulking :slightly_smiling:

I have a simple rule... If you are supposed to train a sore muscle for strength (lower reps), don't. It often leads to faulty motor pattern and can lean to injury.

You can however train a slightly sore muscle for higher reps. I have some female clients doing a program similar to destroying fat (more advanced version) who actually work their legs somehow 4-5 times a week.


Waif is a badass.