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Training When On/Off Gear


Ok whether on or off I will be training with the same re ranges (ie 6-10) but when on I like to train each bodypart twice a week, which is 5 days a week training - when off shall I cut it down to four days an instead of say 16 sets for each bodypart should I cut it down to 12? Of course the intensity will remain the same on or off.


It’s really up to you. If the extra day out of the gym fits your life best go that route. If you like being in the gym and find that you’d miss it go 5 days and see how your body responds to reducing the sets
You might not even need to adjust volume. You could just adjust the intensity as another option
Recently I’ve been experimenting with a little more volume and reducing the intensity of my workouts. BEST thing I’ve ever decided to do so far. By keeping reps in the tank I am getting stronger and bigger faster than I expected without the use of any AAS.
Mind you I’m not very big or strong relative to most forum go’ers but at this rate I’m going I feel I could eventually be somewhat proud of where I am at


As with regards to reducing the intensity and increasing the volume you could be right…45 minute workouts don’t work for me. So when you increased the set’s did you increase the amount of time you rest between set’s then?


One thing I find is that I like is to start off using more rest than needed and challenge myself to gradually reduce rest between sets while maintaining the same weight moved. I typically won’t reduce rest until after I’ve worked my up’d weights and it starts getting more difficult to add

I really feel like you can manipulate overload if you work patiently through a specific phase


Ok so do you train to failure or just before?


what I’ve been doing lately is rotating the level of intensity for my workouts throughout the week
Some days I’ll work up to a last set of my exercise to one rep short of failure and on other days I’ll stay much further away.
I used to train to failure on every set (except for squats and deadlifts) and thought it was wasted effort stopping any set short of failure. I even dreaded the idea of planning to go into the gym and only hitting 60-70% intensity
This is new to me so it might change but right now I love it. I honestly feel like I get a lot from workouts done at less intensity. I’m getting much stronger faster and I’m growing nicely. (It’s hard to say how much growth is a good rate but I’m pretty patient and happy that I’m seeing growth each week)